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Minggu, 19 September 2010


Name : Zakridatul Agusmaniar Rane

Reg. number : A1D2 08028

Assignment : Belajar dan Pembelajaran

1. Skill to asking question

Skill of asking question is important for teacher. Teachers have to give simple and clear question. But before asking question, teachers have to give short explanation as students’ reference and teacher ask the students one by one. It has function to focus students’ attention. The questions are started from the easier to the more difficult question. If one student can’t answer the question, teachers have to cast it back to other students.

2. Skill to give reinforcement and support

Reinforcement is responses to an act that can occur possibility someone do the same act again. Reinforcement can be verbal (words and approbation) or non-verbal by many interesting action. Reinforcement has function to increase students’ attention to the subject, increase learning motivation, and students’ productivity.

3. Skill to create a variation

The skill to create variations that has to be had by teacher such as variation in learning style, variation in media using, and variation in interaction map.

4. Skill in explain the topic

Teachers have to give clear and attractive explanation that appropriate with students condition so that students will not bore when they are in learning process. Before explain the topic in front of the class, some components should be remembered are planning and presenting. Planning consist of content of topic should be systematic and consider the basic ability of student. While the presentation of topic can use inductive method that is give example first and then make a conclusion or use deductive method that is give explanation first and then give some examples.

5. Skill in open and close learning process

The steps to open learning process:

1. Compare the material that have been learned and will be learned

2. Tell the purpose (basic competence) that will be reached

3. Tell about the procedure of learning activity and assignments that have to be done

4. Using appropriate media to present the topic.

5. Asking question either to know students understanding about last material or new material.

The steps to close learning process:

1. Take a conclusion about the topic have been explain

2. Asking some question to measure students understanding

3. Tell the students about some additional material that have to be learned and assignments that they should do

4. Giving post test such as verbal test, task, or activity.

6. Skill in teach small group discussion

Teachers have to able to divide students in to small group effectually, giving appropriate topic, and manage students sit that able all of students to participate actively.

7. Class management

Class management is teachers’ skill to create interesting learning process and hold it if there is something wrong in learning process. The components of class management consist of:

a) Creating and saving optimal learning condition

b) Giving clear instructions

c) Giving warning wisely

d) Giving reinforcement if it is needed

e) Replace the behavior by teach the better behavior and make it become habitual action

f) Finding and overcoming the behaviors which appear some problems.

8. Skill in teach small group and individual

Teaching small group and individual is a kind of teaching method that gives teacher possibility to take care to every student and make a good relationship between teachers and students. We can do it by:

a. Developing skill in organization by giving motivation and make variation in giving assignment.

b. Making the learning process easier by giving reinforcement, supervision, and interaction.

c. Giving clear, challenging, and interesting assignment.

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